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Video: Introduction to Mindfulness

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Mindfulness is often described as: "paying attention, on purpose". If you do not find that description very helpful, you are not alone. The practice of mindfulness can be confusing at best, and it is enough to make anyone want to stop before they have even started. The following TEDTalk by Andy Puddicombe is one of the best introductions to the concept of mindfulness; it is informative, accessible, inspiring, and entertaining.

If you also appreciate the art of juggling, then hold on to your hat.

Important points:

- Mindfulness is allowing our thoughts to come and go, without the usual engagement.

- Mindfulness is an attempt to get acquainted with the present moment.

- Mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, or controlling the mind.

- Mindfulness is about stepping back, seeing the thought or emotion clearly, witnessing it coming and going without judgment, and doing so with a relaxed and focused mind.

- In practicing mindfulness, we can let go of the storylines of stress and anxiety that we constantly reinforce through our unconscious thought. The result is living a more calm and clear existence.

If you live in the Ottawa area and are looking for some mindfulness tips and tricks to help with your stress, depression, anxiety, or general mental health, please click here.

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