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Video: What Is Depression?

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This quick 4 minute video tackles the complex question: What Is Depression?

In short: The feeling of depression is an emotion, mainly sadness and hopelessness, that stems from a negative scenario such as losing a job, or having an argument.. Depression can also be a clinical mental illness, that usually stems from a combination of biological and environmental factors, and involves a lack of emotion, or feeling of "numbness". In Canada, 8-10% of people will experience a depressive episode in their life, though these statistics are likely underreported. Due to feelings of shame and fear, people who suffer from depression often hide their experience from others, making it difficult to understand what the true number is of those who experience depression. As the video notes, "It is difficult to understand who might look fine, but is actually suffering".

The good news, is that there are a number of positive options to help curb depressive symptoms and experiences. Like many medical conditions, taking a comprehensive approach to treatment can produce significant results. Lifestyle changes, psychotherapy, and thoughtful use of medication have all produced evidence based results in the treatment of depression, and have helped individuals to live healthy and happier lives.

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